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Well, shit. Stasis stuff 
09:12am 28/04/2005
  The forums are back up. Most the shit on them is gone, though.

We found out who hacked the fucking forum. Anybody ever brave enough to visit the Open forums? Well, Sean's BROTHER and his brother's friend hacked the place. I am reminded once again of how I would like to strangle Steven with his shoestrings. Without removing his shoes from his feet. Yeah.
Character List 
04:05pm 27/04/2005
  Okay, since I found myself constantly forgetting what char belongs to which pirates, I made a list of the characters so far, ordered by their Alliances/Groups (and even colour coded).

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Of course, it will be updated whenever needed.
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Nobi's Characters as of Yet. 
07:02pm 25/04/2005
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07:09pm 24/04/2005
  Just so everyone knows I FUCKING HATE livejournals. Let me say that again-- I FUCKING HATE livejournals.

Right. Characters. Bah. Fuck you all, you LJ-using people....

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=D There, chars. 
12:31pm 24/04/2005
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Jess' Playable Characters 
10:21pm 23/04/2005
  And here are my characters! Their pictures are pending but I have older images of them to give you an idea of what they look like - currently reworking their designs a bit and their clothes. These guys are over three years old - creation wise.

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The Map! 
07:44pm 23/04/2005
mood: creative

Here be the crappy map x.x if you want the bmp. version (aka the BETTER LOOKING ONE) just IM me or email me at LittleVixen712 or shinigamis_wolf@yahoo.com respectfully, >> you want the better version, truust me~ >:}
Jei's Playable Characters 
08:09pm 23/04/2005
  And to start it off and give people an idea on what to do, I'll post my playable character bios here.

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08:06pm 23/04/2005
  The timeline for Avast Ye! Is still in progress, so I'll just post what I have so far, and edit it with new information.

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07:39pm 23/04/2005
  Hello, and welcome to Avast Ye!, a pirate RPG.

Premise: A lone deity, Fate, created the world of Rievl, a water world with a single continent and dozens of islands, as well as all forms of life. She was content to sit back and watch it unfold. However, about a thousand years or so after the creation, greed corrupt life, and all sorts of fighting happened. Fate, furious at this, created two gods; Gabriel, God of Peace and Life, and Lucifer, God of Destruction and Everlasting-Chaos. She also created an immortal. She gave them all a set task before, her powers waning, sealed herself away in a place called the Hallow.

This immortal watched the world be corrupted more, and so he decided to tip the scales, instill the need for the world's destruction. Now, he set forth with a plan, a dastardly plan(one he should never have thought of). So he waited, recruiting higher beings whom he needed to enact this plan. Gabriel and Lucifer watched on, unaware of the immortal's plan, dreading the day of judgement...

Plot: In a world overrun with water, the sea and sky are the only place to live, yet both are trecherous as in this world, more than half the populace are pirates! There is a legend of an unfathomable treasure hidden somewhere in this waterworld, and it's a race against time to be the first to claim it! However, there are far more sinister things at work in the grand scheme of things..

This game is set in a futuristic world, so pretty much anything is allowed. If you have questions, feel free to IM me(YamiNoPegasus on AIM) or Vixen(LittleVixen712 on AIM), or email me at fallen_angel_berserkermode@yahoo.com.